Performance of Saroud which recorded later when I recorded the live concert that performed in Choshi-shi in 2007.
Saroud Jal Trang
Mohan Prasahad Joshi
Eslahage and Bell
¥1,500 / 62min

●Ethnic moon 1

1. Darabari <9:40>

A man raga (classic music).
It is music informed that I have a calm character and was brought up that Buddha is a music lover by this music in music said to that father of Buddha made it for music education of Buddha in boyhood of Buddha.

2. Desh + Bara Mas <10:22>

I arranged the music that sang 12 kinds of flowers which bloomed for 12 months in a raga (a classic).

3. Madhuwanti <14:08>

Woman classic music.
It is the music that is good for listen in quiet music at night.

4. Rajana Maya <2:43>

The song that Newar is popular in the love song that there was in the 16th century.
Anyone begins to jump when listen to this.
"The person who wants to really love it even if I look for it here and there is not found".
Pray in a temple, and to be able to meet a person of a dream; ...

5. Dada pasa pi <3:57>

It is the old folk song when it was composed in the 16th century.

6. Mangal Dhun <3:12>

It is music played at the time of wedding ceremony.
And even new construction or a felicitous event are played.

7. Parame Swori <Mohan Prasahad Joshi(1987) 17:51

Is the classical music which composed in 1987, and meaning it; "God of wisdom"
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