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Mr. Mohan Prasad Joshi, a classical maestro, was born in the lap of the himalayas (Nepal) in 1944. At the tender age of five, he got the opportunity to study under Mr. Ganesh Lal Shrestha (First Mayor of Nepalese National Broadcasting Station). Mr. Ganesh Lal Shrestha was the person who brought very big influence in Nepalese music, and he was blind.

The unique performance method of Jal Tarang was taught to Mr. Mohan among all the other pupils of Mr. Ganesh. And he made his debut as a Jal Tarang player when he was 13 years old. He was specially honored with a medal by Late King of Nepal as a Saroud player when he was 18 years old. As a Royal Palace musician, he continued to work as a performer and poured his enthusiasm into guiding his pupils to become his successor.
He was appointed as a Principal of Kala Nidhi Sangit Bidhyalaya ( a music school ) from 1963 AD.

In 1988, he mastered in music from Pragya Sangit Samiti of India.

From 1991, he was appointed as the chairperson of a National Music Academy.

From 1992, he took over the place of Mr. Ganesh Lal Shrestha as the Mayor of the Radio Nepal.

In 2005, he established a Badhya Shiromani Gharana Music School ( a music school ) and is admistering it in the present.

He has also performed in other countries. Other than Japan, he has been to countries like Norway, France, China and many more.
Mr. Mohan's music can be described as the likes of the ancient meditating or healing music of Buddhists in Nepal. His music can heal a person and trap him/her in the ancient dimension without any effort. One of his great lifetime achievement is to see his pupils grow as an artist and see his music bear branches into the hearts of people around the world.
The BGM you hear it now is the opening section of Darabari.
During Buddha's boyhood, his father composed this song to educate him about music.
It is said that due to this, Buddha became a music lover and a kind person at heart.
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